The Finch Robot

About Finch

This little robot, Finch, is developed by BirdBrain Technologies, that also developed the Hummingbird. The robot is developed with the intention of motivating children and youngsters to learn about robotics and programming, by exploring the many opportunities in the technological world. Even though Finch is a little guy, it does not miss anything. With more than a dozen different programming languages, sensors for temperature and light, as well as a obstacle detector and LED light with hundreds of colour combinations, there is almost no limits how to make your Finch. Regardless of your previous experiences and knowledge with programming and robotics, you will definitely feel joy when exploring the Finch Robot. Even 5-years old kids are able to learn programming with Finch. The intuitive structure and the many programming languages makes it easy and fun to start programming. Try it yourself!


When BirdBrain Technologies developed the Finch Robot, they had only one purpose in mind - to motivate and inspire kids to learn about programming and robotics in an early age. With the Finch Robot, the user has a tangible and physical representation of their programming code, which makes it easier to try different opportunities and techniques. Besides, the Finch is about creativity and testing your computing mindset. Everyone can learn about programming when they get it in a easy and simple way. With the many programming languages for Finch, there is quite good opportunities to learn programming in a way that fits you.


Description of specifications will follow soon. Contact us for further information about the product and content.