Scottie Go!

About Scottie Go!

Scottie is a friendly alien living in the outer space in his space ship. One day, Scottie unfortunately spills water all over the control system in his space ship, causing an explosion that sends small pieces of the space ship to the planet Earth. It is now your task to help Scottie collecting all the pieces he needs to repair his space ship and get back home to the outer space. Scottie Go! is an innovative game to teach programming to the young. It is a combination of cardboard tiles, which are used by the players to create programming commands, and an app that sets tasks and scans the proposed solutions that set Scottie and other characters in motion. The tiles are used to write commands which will be performed by Scottie. They also have a defined goal: they allow players to acquire basic programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables or functions in a Scratch-based concept. The app allows to scan the commands by capturing a photo or a video. Once the command has been scanned, Scottie will carry it out step by step, and the player can see if the task has been performed correctly. The game consists more than 90 levels, and the player will knowledge about basic programming, as well as getting mathematics challenges and basic English language. It all happens through a funny game as you know it from other gaming apps, where the purpose is to complete levels, collecting objects and being rewarded with 1-3 stars depending on the result. In this way the players' consciousness is removed from the learning aspect of the game, and the player will see it as a fun game, but without thinking of it he/she will acquire basic programming and mathematics skills.


Because Scottie Go! involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, loops, conditionals to variables and functions, it can be used as a basic tool to introduce and teaching programming. Thanks to the modular content, it can serve as a supplement of other tools that have previously been used to teach programming. A unique programming interface, in the form of tiles, makes the game child-friendly and, furthermore, it allows children to work in teams without the fear that some of them will be less involved in the work. Scottie Go! is a real "Edutainment"-product, meaning "play and learn"-product, which for many children is a good way of acquiring knowledge about a specific area - in this case programming and mathematics. Due to the well known interface of a regular app game as children know from other games, the learning aspect of the game is removed from the player's consciousness. In this way the player do not notice that he/she is learning about programming and mathematics, meaning they are able to keep concentration for a longer period than with normal theoretical education, and that is the whole purpose of the game. The purpose of Scottie Go! is to improve children's ability to think analytical and logical, as well as developing their algorithmic intuition. Through the game you learn to solve complex tasks within programming and mathematics, either individually or in small teams. Scottie Go! is ideal for teaching the youngest kids in programming and basic mathematics and English language.


Scottie Go! Education includes: 179 cardboard tiles for programming Game board for working with the tiles A game organizer User manual Scottie Go! software product key The application "Scottie Go! Edu" is free for Android, iOS and Windows.

Try Scottie Go!

Center of Modern Education, a department of the Ministry of Education, in Lithuania chose to run a pilot project implementing Scottie Go! in 100 schools over half a year to see the effect and outcome of the game. After half a year, the Ministry agreed to implement Scottie Go! in every class of every school (more than 4,000) in Lithuania, as it was a great starting point to cover the new curriculum of programming in the beginning of september 2018. In Denmark we do not have the same kind of central buying behaviour through the ministry as in Lithuania. We have made an agreement and cooperation with Center for Undervisningsmidler (Center of Teaching Aids) and Future Classroom Lab to showcase Scottie Go! on Campus Carlsberg in Copenhagen. Therefore, if you are a teacher og pedagogue interested in programming, and wants to get started teaching in this, we recommend you to contact Center for Undervisningsmidler to try out Scottie Go! and get a talk about the potential and possibilities with the game, as they see them.