Fable is a Danish developed robot, making it fun and easy to teach kids in STEM courses.

By clicking different modules together in many different ways, students can create their own unique robot in a few minutes, and hereafter giving it senses and movements. The fast and easy way to build the robot, makes it even more easy for the students to get started with Fable, and to understand the many possibilities with the robot.

Fable can be programmed in both block programming (Blockly) as well as text based programming (Python), which makes it suitable for all students regardless previous programming experience. The Fable robot is well-suited for primary school (3rd grade) up to high school (3. G in Denmark).

By combining building modules, function modules and expansion modules, the students have a great amount of possibilities to create different types of robots, whatever they are free fantasy for fun, or carefully designed to solve a real problem.