About Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a set of technological components, that together makes the basis of the software in a robot. It is up to the students to put the components together and program it for specific scenarios - for example if the robot should react on light, sound og movements. Hereafter the outer look can be designed from different hobby materials like cardboard, carton and cloth. The product is developed by BirdBrain Technologies, known for creating flexible solutions that inspires for creativity and programming on a level, where everybody can attend. Hummingbird is suggested for the 3rd grade and up, but with the supervision of an adult, even children in the age of 8 can learn how to build and program a robot. Due to the almost unlimited opportunities that Hummingbird has, it can be used in everything from arts, science, engineering and history classes, as well as for makerspaces and common creative activities or robotic camps.


The purpose of Hummingbird is to help children in an early age to understand what development and programming is all about. With Hummingbird, the students can truly combine their creative skills with their imaginations - there is almost no limits for the opportunities. With the electrical components and common hobby materials as paper, carton, glue and cloth, the students can create their own robots, kinetic sculptures and animatronics. Hummingbird inspires students to use and develop their creative mind and skills, while they learn about programming too.



7th grade students at Escola Parque, a private school in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, were given a task to think critical and creative about how new technologies can affect sustainability on a personal and societal level. The students should design expressive robots, that was telling a personal story and at the same time encouraged others to thing about how technology can utilize objects from our natural environment. All EcoBots were developed using recycled materials and repurposed items brought by the students. The students worked in five collaborative production teams consisting of:
  • Art and storyboard
  • Scripting and narrative
  • Materials and assembly
  • Programming
  • Quality control and demonstration
The students made a short demo video of their EcoBot for online publication, and the robots were presented to students, parents, staff and teachers. The result was very positive, and the students were committed and motivated for the project. Some students even asked to continue building on their robots.


Description of specifications will follow soon. Contact us for further information about the product and content.


We are always here to help you to a good start with Hummingbird. If it has interest, we can offer workshops in collaboration with highly educated experts within learning, pedagogy and robotics. In this way you will get help to start working with Hummingbird, and at the same time get inspired to different work projects. Please ask us for workshops when buying a Hummingbird Kit.