Cubelets® Robot Blocks

About Cubelets®

Cubelets® Robot Blocks are small magnetic blocks that can be piled and connected in different ways and all together create an unique robot. The blocks are divided in three types: Sense blocks, Action blocks and Think blocks - all divided in colours. Besides there is a battery-block that gives life to the robot. All the blocks has either five or six connection faces and the corners have a small LED light. There is almost no limits how to connect the Cubelets® blocks - every way you do it, will create a robot somehow. If you just want to explore the different opportunities, and find joy in connecting the blocks as they are, it is all enough to get to know the potential of the Cubelets®. If you want a more advanced version of a robot, you can connect your Cubelets® to your LEGO® constructions, and by that create more creative looking robots. It is up to you. Cubelets® gives students an understanding of robotics, programming and mathematics. Besides this, it challenge the students on their creative skills and learn them to think critical and logical to find a solution to a given problem statement in a fun and different way. The Cubelets® Blocks are ideal for group tasks, where students learn how to cooperate, but it does surely also fit individuals.


The purpose of Cubelets® is to give the students an understanding of programming and robotics, without having knowledge or experience in advance. By challenging the students' creativity, logic and mathematical skills in a fun and different way, you often see a tendency that more students getting involved and concentrated more intense, and simultaneously remember what they have learned.


Description of specifications will follow soon. Contact us for further information about the product and content.


We are always here to help you to a good start with Cubelets®. If it has interest, we can offer workshops in collaboration with highly educated experts within learning, pedagogy and robotics. In this way you will get help to start working with Cubelets®, and at the same time get inspired to different work projects. Please ask us for workshops when buying a Cubelets® Robot Blocks Kit.