About Airblock

Airblock is the World's first modular and programmable drone. It can be built in different ways, either for flying, as a hovercraft over land or as a speed boat on water. The material is light plastic foam, securing a water resistant drone, and preventing it from damaging furnitures or walls if crashing down. The drone is built of one main module and six dynamic modules, connectable with magnetic surfaces. It is possible to programme the drone, using the enclosed intuitive software, to make it move in a specific pattern. You control the drone by your smartphone or tablet.


The purpose of Airblock is to have fun! Simply as that! Besides, you learn a lot about programming, and your creativity is getting a challenge. Airblock opens up for a whole new world to kids and youngsters. It is fun learning that activates the user. Airblock attributes to a child's development and stimulate children to think independently and solve problems creatively. Be smarter on programming and get challenged when you have to get the drone to fly in a specific direction or pattern. Programming becomes a larger part of our every day life in the future, hence it is very important to suit our kids and youngsters to this by making a natural interest for programming. So challenge your friends, class mates and family - who is the first to programme a drone to complete a specific route?



We are always glad to help our customers. We are offering workshops, if you want help to get started with Airblock and get inspired to different ways of using it. Please let us know when buying Airblock.