Improve education through technology

We are glad for your interest in Vivitio, and we hope that you will take your time to read more about our mission. We consider the society as individuals, that together should form a whole. This demands that we secure the manpower of the future, as well as peoples' generel health. Vivitio will help our young ones to a solid and strong base in the future, and we believe that the use of technology in the education will help us reach this. Furthermore, we believe that technology can be motivating and engaging for people to improve their quality of life. On this site, you will find our current selection of technological solutions for the healthcare- and educational sector.



Fable is a Danish developed robot, making it fun and easy to teach kids in STEM courses. By clicking different modules together in many different ways, students can create their own unique robot in a few minutes, and hereafter giving it senses and movements. The fast and easy way to build the robot, makes it even more easy for the students to get started with Fable, and to understand the many possibilities with the robot. Fable can be programmed in both block programming (Blockly) as well as text based programming (Python), which makes it suitable for all students regardless previous programming experience. The Fable robot is well-suited for primary school (3rd grade) up to high school (3. G in Denmark). By combining building modules, function modules and expansion modules, the students have a great amount of possibilities to create different types of robots, whatever they are free fantasy for fun, or carefully designed to solve a real problem.


We guarantee that Airblock is completely different from any other drone you have ever seen! This is the World's first modular and programmable drone. It is build from one main module and six dynamic modules, connectable with magnetic power and creative ideas. If your drone should fly or be a flashing hovercraft (land and water) is up to you. When your drone is built, try programming it to move around in a specific pattern, controlled by your smartphone or tablet. The best of it is that Airblock is made out of light plastic foam, preventing it from damaging walls and furniture when used indoor. So even on a rainy day, you can still have fun with your drone!

Cubelets® Robot Blocks

Cubelets® Robot Blocks make it easy to engage children from the age of 4 years to build and programming robots. By connecting the Cubelets® Blocks, it is possible to create your own unique robot. You do not even have to know about coding, programming or robot technology - all you have to do is to connect the blocks by the magnetic faces, the rest gives itself. If you want to do it more advanced or unique, try connecting Cubelets® with your LEGO® components to create whole new constructions.

The Hummingbird Robotics Kit

A combination of electronic components and crafting materials allows the students to create and program their own robots, animatronics and kinetic sculptures with The Hummingbird Robotics Kit. From the Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab, The Hummingbird is developed and designed to inspire students in the age of 8 and up, to create creative robotics and engineering. Only the imagination is the limit.


Finch is a small robot, designed to inspire and motivate children and youngsters to learn about robot technology and programming. The Finch supports more than a dozen different programming languages, including environments appropriate for children in the age of 5 years and up. Finch contains different sensors for temperature and light, as well as a detector for obstacles, and LED light with a whole lot of colours. The Finch is a good starting point for children interested in technology, robotics and programming, as it does not demand any preceding knowledge - Finch is intuitive and the many programming languages makes it easy to explore the many different opportunities with the robot.


Vivitio will improve peoples' life quality through knowledge, engagement and motivation. With our solutions, we will get the users to actively improving their life quality themselves. We believe it can be fun and learning to live a good and healthy life. Within a short while, we are ready to announce our first products for healthcare at our website.


Vivitio is a Danish company, established in 2017 by three young men, all with a passion for healthcare, education and technology, as well as experience from both the robotics industry and sales for the educational sector. With the ambition of making a difference for the society, we are focusing on products, that will include the user in an active way. We see that technology gets more influence in for example the business life, and therefore we want to suit the young generation to a future, where programming and technology is a part of their every day life. Furthermore, we see an increasing tendency for stress and obesity related diseases, hence we see it as an opportunity to use the technological development to decrease the risk of these diseases.


Vivitio improves peoples' health and education through technology.


Vivitio will create better opportunities for kids and youngsters to learn through technology at educational level. Vivitio will, through technological solutions, improve the motivation to engagement and action that leads to increased quality of life.